2019.1-2: Works displayed in window exhibition spaces, January 29th 2019 – February 12th, 2020, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, Canada

2019. 12 – 2019.2: Attending Ottawa School of Art Residency Program in Ottawa, Canada

2019. 6 – 7: Participating in SabinARTi Residency Program in Casaprota, Italy.

2019. 6.12: One day opening ▶︎AND◼ (Play and Stop), Victoria Gallery, Iasi, Romania

2019. 5.30: Horizontal Arc Series Video Screening integrated with Festival International al Educatiei, Piata Unirii, Iasi, Romania

2019. 5.7 – 6.7: Group Exhibition Diffusions, Bakhmut History Museum, Bakhmut, Ukraine

2019. 5 – 6: Attending Iasi Residency Program in Iasi, Romania

2019. 2 to 4: Attending Enos Park Residency Program in Springfield, IL, USA. From March,  doing several drawing courses and workshops weekly until the end of April at Springfield Art Association.

2019. 2.8 – 2.28: Group Exhibition Diffusions, Mariupol, Ukraine

2019.1: Attending Caetani Cultural Centre, Vernon, Canada. Pop-Up Exhibition January 18-19th: Photorealistic Drawing Workshop on the 26th.

2018. 11 to 12: Staying at Access Arts in Columbia, Missouri, while working on workshop research project Utopian Blue Print – community drawing project.

2018. 10.27 – 2019. 3.31: Shangyuan Art Museum International Artist Annual Exhibition, Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

2018. 10.9 -23: Holding a two week workshop Utopian Blue Print – community drawing project with gallery visitors as a part of Athens Institute for Contemporary Art Residency program, Athens, GA, USA

2018. 9: Project Diffusion Group Exhibition, Kramatorsk Art Museum, Ukraine from September 8th to 16th, 2018

2018. 8 – 10: Group show The Art of Meditation in Islip Art Museum, East Islip, New York from August 15th to October 3rd.

2018. 8 – 9: Participating in Project Diffusion Residency Program in Kramatorsk, Ukraine

2018. 6: Group Show  大写的“她” She・Art on June 30th, Shanguyan Art Museum, Beijing, China

2018. 3: Group Show HOLO from March 22nd until the 25th in Seoul, Korea

2018.1 – 3: Participating in SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY Program in Seoul, Korea

2017. 11: Open Studio at DRAWinternational on November 26th from 4pm to 8pm

2017. 9 – 11: Attending DRAWinternational, Caylus, France from September to November

2017.8 August 18 – 19th: My woks will be exhibited at Free City 2017, Flint, Michigan, USA

2017.5 May 19th- 21st: Showing my work at Middlesbrough Artweekender, Middlesbrough, UK

2017.4 April 14th: Open Studio at The Auxiliary

2017. 3-6 Staying in Stockton, England through the Auxiliary residency program

2017.3 Group show The Apprentice at the Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, from March 2nd until April 16th. Opening Reception on March 2nd from 6-9pm.

2017. 1-2 Attending Flint Public Art Project residency program in Flint, MI.

2016.11  The Hollows 4-DAY Basement sale at Chinatown Soup, New York City, NY, from November 25th until 28th, 2016. Opening reception on Nov25th from 7 – 10pm. Gallery hour: 12 – 7pm

2016.11  Group show Metanoesis at the Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, from November 23rd until January 29th, 2017. Opening reception on Nov 23 from 7 – 9pm. Gallery opening hour: Sat – Sun 2-8pm

2015. 12  Site renewal.

2015.3  Onasis Talent Archive/Sketch Book Project in Greece. (my sketch book is on display.)



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