Two Thousand Eleven

1/2012, Mixed media. Graphite on paper, wood, animal fur, moss and 06:36min video projection, H:210 x W:100 x D:220 cm

IMG_1662 のコピー


As the title suggests, the installation is my viewpoint of the year of 2011. The symbol of the statue of liberty, which is half fallen down from the central structure but hanging on against the wall in this work, is placed in an unstable position which implies decay of ethics and morality. The bare wooden structure suggests a social structure, and animal furs/skins on it symbolize each individuals in the society.

There is a video of herbivore animals in the zoo projected inside of the wooden structure; it represents that we are like animals in the zoo kept and fed by the society while obeying without having own opinions. Animal furs on the structure suggests aggressiveness of the society who hunted those animals. On the surface of the structure with the furs, there is a reversed drawing of Don Mclean’s photograph that suggests struggles of people living under the restrictions. The nailing sound from the video projection creates an effect for the whole installation while giving a feeling of Industrialized society, building process and existence of workers who build the society.



IMG_1671Inside of the structure with the projection video.


Projection Video:

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