How to Construct And Deconstruct

4/2015, Graphite on paper, 7 segment LED, micro-controller with thermometer, H:26 x W:36.5 x D:3


What decides value of things? How values and prices of things are made? There is a tension in society wherever and whenever events happens: when the temperature – the tension – is high, the value of things changes and shifts like evolution. In the picture, people observe inside of an abandoned/old house through metal peeping machines. The temperature – in a metaphysical sense, the value – changes as they gaze at the empty space. The church on the background represents an icon of the stereotypical Christianity or a symbol of belief in any religion or own individual thoughts.


In the actual work, the thermometer shows real temperature (in Fahrenheit) of the exhibited space, which also implies the actual world’s tension and it bridges between the 2D flat surface and a physical space. For instance, when there are many people in a closed space, the room becomes hot naturally. The archaic icon of the background also becomes a contrast to the digital man-made thermometer.

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