Ubiquitous Controller Press

2014, Digital color on Newsprint, H:39 x W:29 cm (poster size)

The news-prints(left) and the original controller drawing(right)

This project is to research how information spreads and develops among people who are exposed to it without any specific details for a long period of time. I made this research project while taking part in a residency program in Caylus, France as an experimental work as a narrative to my studio installation The Shepherd’s House. An original drawing of a controller is printed in hundreds on Newsprint with print marks and dots from an actual French newspaper so as to mock a real newspaper without any text, word and even my name on it. I put these posters up everywhere in the public space such as on the wall and street in multiple locations and cities; for this project, Caylus and Paris in France and London in UK.

IMG_3130Caylus, France

IMG_2990Paris, France

IMG_3209London, UK

What do people think and act when they look at an image which they see everywhere but do not know the exact meaning and who made it? I was interested in how people spread the rumor of the image to others and what the story with the image becomes. Due to the limited period of time, this project took place only for three to four days in total, which was not enough time to see the result. To expand it, I am thinking about making increased numbers of prints for longer period of time or planning more efficient form such as a public-billboard.

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The project in Paris, France, 2014

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The project in Caylus, France, 2014

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The project in London, UK, 2014

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