Court of Regulation

6/2013, Mixed media, perspex, clay, wax and wood, H:170 x W:107 x D:65 cm



Occurrence of events, things and existences continue over and over as time goes, from which process the history is made and the future is materialized at forefront. This work implies a map of the whole world; each figure in the structure of the puzzles is symbols and signs of each country, events and even divisions of groups. For instance, if to see the whole work as a historical map, the shape and images of the meat symbolize ‘the war’ on the path of the history.

Each individual piece of the jigsaw puzzles represents individual existences, which gather to build up a society; the identity and characteristics of a whole society depends on actions of each individual and group. The fragmented puzzles are attached and placed as layers, and viewers can look through layers to layers, with which there are many patterns and viewpoints, which implies that each individuals can find their own ways to see this work. Every phenomenon is intertwined and kept unfinished like a life in cycle.

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