Utopian Blue Print – Dream Home

Utopian Blue Print – A Dream Home, 2019, H: 15.7 x W: 11.8” / H: 40 x W: 30cm, Graphite on paper, LED, Microcontroller.

This work is an over all image of what people think utopia is in general from the survey of what the each previous participants of the Utopian Community Projects drew. It can be a blue print of Utopia by putting the most common image of Utopia altogether into a picture plain; family, pets, house, friends, trees, blue sky and football game (the most favored sports amongst small boys). The text streaming on the picture shows the altogether dream/happy house of children. The canvas has a ripped part and what is missing from there is for your own imagination or is supposed to be filled with what you think about your own utopia is.

IMG_2726 copyIMG_2722

Video link to the documentation video:

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