Formula 1+1=3

7/2012, Mixed media, graphite on paper, wood, grass, bubble machine and glass picture, H: 160 x W:120 x D:270 cm



The title ‘formula 1+1=3’ means that rules and commonly perceived notions, which no one doubts whether it is true or not, can be anything. We know the arithmetic 1+1 equals 2, but when one thing/phenomenon and the other thing/phenomenon come together, they can produce a new existence with previous two things like parents and a child; this is why here the formula 1+1=3 is possible.

This installation describes my hypothesis of how the whole world is made and operated with the terms Subjectivity World, Objectivity World and Utopian Elements/World, which are reversed existences that gather to create one world. The house like structure in the installation represents Subjectivity World and a wall piece – a large door with a drawing – represents Objectivity World; they are individual world/existences with their autonomies. The bubbles produced from the bubble machine in the house structure symbolize Utopian Element/World or the new existence of the third one that is born from the formula ‘1+1’, and the whole installation becomes an interactive piece that viewers can be a part of the work through the actual bubbles it produces.

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Video of the installation view:


This installation was made during my participation at Atlantic Center for the Arts, FL in 2012. At the end of the residency, I planted the grass in the back yard. In this way, the work also went back to the nature.


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