R-uining G-aining B-ordering

9/2015, wood, clay, Plexiglas, LED matrix, LED light, micro-controller, Urushi-paint, pearl sheet, DCmotor, bone, alum crystal, H:92 x W:135 x D:65 cm



A traffic light is a sign that shows us when to stop and walk by using fundamental color of Red, Green and Blue – this work depicts aspects of life through the metaphor of the “traffic light”. The rectangular shape with RGB traffic LED lights made of wooden mosaics represents a corrective community or group; each mosaics implies individual existences, identities or memories. Inside of the corrective structure is a mirrored space where viewers can indirectly see the reflection of a crystalized bone on the mirror. There is also a scrolling abstract symbol lit up on LED matrices that flow through the reflecting mirror space. As the traffic light turns Red, inside of it also changes in Red color and the bone starts spinning. When the traffic light turns Green the inside changes in Green and the bone spins, and so as Blue.

Traffic light turned blue.

Traffic light turned green.

There are deer legs stood upside down beneath the corrective mosaic structure, which suggest purity and peace. One of the legs unveils its crystalized bone that symbolize a shadow of decay. The whole thing become a symbol of steps in life.


In addition to the traffic light scheme, the work is also an experiment of materiality by combining with Japanese traditional technics of Urushi paint, the mother-of-pearl-inlay and digital electronic modules. By using the opposite elements and contexts between the traditional and modern material, new way of expression is explored.

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