Pop-J.M.W. Turner And Philosophy Of Common Life

6/2015, Graphite on paper, Acrylic, LED, LCD, speaker, micro-controller, H:60 x W:48 x D:7



In this modern society, everything that has been considered as bourgeois is commodity in daily life. The role of painter as a magician of pigment to create an illusional space and another world on the 2D canvas received respects from people. However, now those roles are replaced by photography, moving-image and technology, and dispersed the mysterious existence of art and artists. Not everyone is interested in museum to appreciate arts, instead, they watch TV or comic books. If the master painter of J.M. W. Turner exists today while tring to have viewers interests? And where it will be? This is an ironical piece using Turner’s painting the Ports of England (1826-1828) into a drawing with digital melody, texts on LCD screen and LED. The kitschy toy-like work suggests modern consumerism hang at home rather in museum space.


The story is about a ship representing as one’s life sailing into a new land where a light house as a symbol of life events lights up the path. The text of the story is stated below:

In the darkness
under the sky light
. . . . is
a light house.
On the stormy ocean,
A ship sails
from a distant world.
They call you
Or Hell
The light house
Just stood


There are
Three people
in the light house.
A girl glanced
at the ship.
An old man
was singing.
You saw
your self.

The work video:

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