Colored Feminine

2017, Oil on Canvas, wood, motion sensor, LED, Microcontroller, speaker, H: 36 x W:36 x D: 4(inch)(each one)


This work depicts the modern racism with feminist issues spoken by women of color, whom always received as terrorists or aggressive because of their anger towards the issue they are facing. The two portraits in the LED fitted frame with motion sensor are women I met; an African American and a Philippina American. They wear red colored KKK masks with graphiti-like doodles on. When audiences stand in front of the works, they start playing recorded sound of each characters speaking their own desire in robotic voices. They speak about the desire of house-wives about fame and wealth while cocking in the kitchen. The texts are used from pop-singers lyrics, Lily Allen’s “The Fear” and Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman”. The robotic voice suggest less-personalization of each woman.

Today, racism is said to be weakened, but it still remains invisibly; women of color have gotten racial view points towards their own races because they adapt how to act and think as whites in order to be the part of the society. Additionally, Female has lower position than men even today and the position of women of color is most considerably hard, oppressed and prejudiced. Sometimes their anger to be oppressed seem very aggressive and they do not know where to express and no ways to resolve. Wearing a bloody KKK mask with words for freedom and peace symbolize their will for the actual freedom but these are seen as terrorism and aggression. With the KKK mask as adaption to survive in the white supremacy, their inner will and desire become more complicated and still difficult.

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