Utopian Blue Print – Community Drawing Project – Athens, Georgia2

Utopian Blue Print – Community Drawing Project – Athens, Georgia2, 2018-19, H: 16 x 16”/ H: 40.5 x W: 40.5cm(both), Graphite on paper, LEDmatrix, 

This project is a part of the Utopian Blue Print – Community Drawing Project, which I started from Athens, Georgia. These two pieces are fitted with LED boards with internet conectivity. Audiences can access to a webform through their smartphone and send text messages, then their text messages directly appear on both drawings. The text message from audiences also become a part of the doodle images in the drawings. This work is an experiment of interactivity with visitors and how the project reflect and how the project look/become depends on the viewers’ participation. Every time the project look different depending on who participate and what community the works are in.



Video of the Project:

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