Chernobyl Project Interview

Chernobyl Project Interview,
2018,video (color, sound, 23 minutes).

This works is about Chernobyl deserter in Ukraine. I stayed and visited in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, to research on Chernobyl Catastrophe. I interviewed with local people, whose family members involved in the incident, and conducted interviews with them. In the work. This video contains three people’s interview; a guy who went to Chernobyl zone with friends illegally and camped there, and a woman whose husband was a fire fighter who went to extinguish and help the nuclear explosion at the Chernobyl power plant, and a vocal of a common Ukrainian electronic band Onuka speaking about her own inspiration of their music. The video also contains some scenes of local people in Kramatorsk singing traditional Ukrainian folk songs during the festival day, which represent Ukrainian identity and spirit of people who live in the war conflict zone.

This video is still in progress, which later might be edited with further research and interview with people related to nuclear radiation issues such as Japan and other places as a long term research project.

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