World Map

6/2012, Graphite on paper, MDF, electronic motor and fan, H:90 x W:115 x D:4 cm



This work can be seen as a world map and also a portrait of the middle class under a capitalist society. Each deer head suggests each country, and fans on the deer heads symbolize the possession of ‘power’. For instance, fans with their switches on exercise power while the other fans are switched off; it suggests a shift of power which can be seen in political relations between each country.


For instance, the Roman Empire used to influence and control over the European continent, colonies were made in the third countries, slaves were owned, and so on. The power relation is gradually switched and some relations have been completely reversed as of the relation between the UK and the new country U.S. When capitalist/aristocrat society reigns, the working class starts to seek for communism, socialism and democracy; however, when democracy becomes a main structure of society as people sought, then democracy can possibly turns into capitalism/aristocracy again. Things seem to continue over and over again.


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