All in A Vision

6/2013, Graphite and spray paint on paper on wood panel, H:123 x W:140 cm

IMG_2203installation view: Court of Regulation(left), All in a Vision(right)


The whole world’s intertwined relationship is depicted in this drawing: human-beings as symbol of life, crystals as molecular chemicals and wheels as man-made machines which is a symbol of a cycle. When there is none of these existences, the whole system of the world does not work; if there is no molecule, there is no life on Earth, and if there is no life, there is no machines and cycles of events. The two men on the wheel watch a man on the right side transforming into or being absorbed into the crystals is also implication of the relations among the whole world – how things/events are created by their interaction.

This drawing is my own grandfather’s youth picture – in the middle is my grandfather. With my own family as a model of this piece, it becomes more personal with my grandfather’s personality and his history; in this way, his life history with memories can also be inferred. It is better viewed with the installation Court of Regulation as a set piece.

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