Horizontal Arc (revised ver.)

8:10min, 6/2014

The meanings between ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’ within the context of time and memory – birth and death – are explored in this work. The title suggests that ‘Horizontal’ as an infinite line and ‘Arc’ as a never-ending circle; together, they symbolizes the Earth -the horizon is a straight line but is a part of a large outline of the Earth. Castles represents as permanent existences, which have own specific historical context, and bubbles as representations of temporal existences, each of which have their own characteristics. Repetitive and continuous production of bubbles imply as the circle of life –birth and death- and also Heidegger’s theory Dasein is suggested in the shape of the bubbles; one single bubble has its own entity that reflects its surroundings but a bubble/existence itself is a part of the whole group or society without which a bubble does not exist. It can be implied through the reflected images on the bubble’s surface; because a bubble is transparent, without reflection we do not recognize its existence and the reflection as an image of a society that surrounds it confirms its existence within the society.

There is an encounter between tradition and modernity in this work – castles as an icon of history and bubbles as temporal existences which live through and create the history. With a mixture of Buddhist sutra with Christian church rhythms such as Ave Maria, this work experimented opposing elements in cultural terms to think that all reversed existences essentially have same principles in common, or things in oppositions are connected as a whole figure like one thing seems unnatural when there is no casted shadow.

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