2014 – onwards, spray paint on various locations, size(depends on locations)

Location so far: France and England

IMG_2605in Caylus, France

This is a public project called 40.800, which is ancient-cave-style graffiti project that takes place anywhere in the world wherever I go. It has started on September 2014 and then has set an on-going project for a long term. The graffiti is made by stencil and spray paint which look like those of the doodle-looking/primitive figures from the ancient cave. The use of material – spray paint as a modern symbol of urban graffiti, and the primitive figures gather to create a satirical mood. Ancient cave drawing and today’s modern graffiti are overall the same act of mark-making that are messages of “I am here”. It also becomes as archives of myth, cultures and politics at that time and moment the marks were made.

IMG_3019in Paris, France

graffiti diagram

Diagram1: Time passage – Old to New circulation

The point of this project is to take place anywhere whether in the woods, abandoned house, street and so on; myself as a mark-maker who stands as a roles of a cave and graffiti artist over the past thousands years, who leaves a trace of existences or messages. In this way, it becomes a mapping process and also a self -assurance of the human-instincts.

graffiti diagram2

Diagram2: Location and time determines existences growth and conditions.



In the woods in Caylus, France, 2014

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Ancient stone house used as a prison in Caylus, France, 2014

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Abandoned house in Caylus, France, 2014

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Graffiti in Paris and London, 2014

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