Horizontal Arc V

6/2019, Video 11:28 minutes

This is the fifth project of Horizontal Arc series. This number V is about the Romanian Orthodox Christianity and antiquity. The location is Three Hierarch Monastery and Saint Nicholas Church, and in the video, I used my drawing of a halo of Byzantine revetment style that shows street signs of ‘Stop’ and ‘Walk’ in LED lights on its surface. It represents as a symbol of religion as the social structure and rules that decides directions for people. A nun in the orthodox robe carrying the halo implies feminism; walking from left to right, then right to left with a halo with street signs in front of a church is a gesture of a claim for equality between genders in the restricted Orthodox Christianity. Lighting up candles at night and extinguishing them in the morning suggests the player for the living and the death, or a representation of the cycle of life. Through this project, I tried to create works that can only be done in Romania with elements of specific locations, culture, society, religion and history.

Horizontal Arc v 3.jpg

Horizontal Arc v 4.jpg

horizontal arc v 1.jpg

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