Still/But/Not/Realize/You/? and You Do Not _, But Still Realize That _ ?

Still/But/Not/Realize/You/?: 10/2013, Mixed media, Perspex, clay and spray paint, H:110 x W:120 x D:90 cm

You Do Not _, But Still Realize That _ ?: 10/2013, Graphite and spray paint on paper on wood panel, W:57 x H: 64 x D:1.5

01Installation view: Still/But/Not/Realize/You/?(below) and You Do Not _, But Still Realize That _ ?(above)


This work has a double sided subject matter; a literal concern on the Nuclear radiation problem in Japan (and the world) and the other side is about being under invisible political and social structures. The whole structure of the work that is made of jigsaw puzzles symbolizes each individual who build up their living while unknowing if it is for good or bad. At this moment, our living is under a vulnerable situation; usage of nuclear power, disclosure of available information by government and too much anonymous information on internet that leads the whole society to an unstable mood, in which people start having mass confusion.

We do not normally think about where we stand but are told/set to be placed where to stand. Our everyday life seems the same as yesterday and maybe even tomorrow; we tend to only look at things happening visibly in front of us. Nuclear radiation as a symbol of human-error, which is invisible but we could die in seconds when exposed to a high level of radiation. Governmental and political rules, norms and changes are dangerous which nurture our consciousness and ways of thinking without noticing whether it is positive or negative.



On the wall is a drawing You Do Not _, But Still Realize That _ ?. It depicts the mushroom cloud of Hiroshima as a sign of uncontrollable power – like an attractive advertisement of cigarette, in which a Hollywood actor enjoys sunlight at a tropical beach while recommending to smoke. Here, the power is shown with dreamy color. Our perception of things is easily set by mass-media controls on information.


The title is a different version of the jumbled title of the installation Still/But/Not/Do/Realize/You/?, while using the same words and letters. Viewers can put their own words into the ‘__’ of this title, and perhaps each ones choices of the words speaks about the viewers’ impression or psychological state for this work. Then, the whole installation with Still/But/Not/Realize/You/? can reflect each individual’s own psychological ‘cage’ or ‘state’. When this piece is shown as a part of the installation, it becomes a sign of the whole installation scheme; in this way, viewers are ‘f**ked’ with the sign that conceals a real meaning as if there is no harm in a symbol of the atomic cloud.


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