Horizontal Arc IV

Horizotnal Arc IV, 8:59min, 6/2014

This work is the fourth version of the Horizontal Arc series. This series IV is about walking through the birth and death – the reversed phenomena and existences. Inspiration of this work came from the relationship between the North side and the South side of England and Scotland which still have subtle prejudice although these countries are on the same island with the same western culture and English language. The location, where footages were shot, took place at the two countries’ locations such as Bodiam Castle, Tynemouth Priory in England and Necropolis in Scotland. It draws the difference between cultural and governmental structures of each country, and bubbles are symbol of individuals – human beings – who reside in each country, who are essentially the same whenever, whatever and wherever they are. They reflect their surroundings as nurture for their character and essence.

Tradition and modernity is also explored in this work with the medieval rhythms of Cantus Firmus, which was used for the base of Christian church music; with the medieval rhythm as a context, images that were recently filmed in this video become reversed side of the history. The image of meat is a direct implication of ‘body’. When bubbles cover up and vanish on the ‘body’ repeatedly, it implies infinite formation of group and community, and the whole thing becomes an existence with own memories and personalities; in this way, the cycling process of birth and death can be inferred.

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