The Chamber of Bottled Mankinds

2017, Graphite on paper mounted on wooden panel, H: 91x W:91 x D: 10cm   This work was made for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The whole picture mimics Leonardo Davinci’s painting “Last Supper” with a background stage of a huge warehouse/storage of water bottles in Flint. The characters of the disciples are actualContinue reading “The Chamber of Bottled Mankinds”


.Marijoyce, 2/2017, Graphite on paper, frame, microchip controller, speaker, LED, water sensor, glass bottle&cup and apple, Drawing: H:17xW:13xD:2.5; Whole size: H:26xW:18xD:11(inch) This works is about the drinking water contamination issue in Flint, Michigan, USA, where the public water has been contaminated with lead so all the tap water has been unable to drink. To hearContinue reading “Marijoyce”

Horizontal Arc (revised ver.)

8:10min, 6/2014 The meanings between ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’ within the context of time and memory – birth and death – are explored in this work. The title suggests that ‘Horizontal’ as an infinite line and ‘Arc’ as a never-ending circle; together, they symbolizes the Earth -the horizon is a straight line but is a partContinue reading “Horizontal Arc (revised ver.)”