R-uining G-aining B-ordering

9/2015, wood, clay, Plexiglas, LED matrix, LED light, micro-controller, Urushi-paint, pearl sheet, DCmotor, bone, alum crystal, H:92 x W:135 x D:65 cm A traffic light is a sign that shows us when to stop and walk by using fundamental color of Red, Green and Blue – this work depicts aspects of life through the metaphorContinue reading “R-uining G-aining B-ordering”


7/2015, Graphite on paper, Acrylic, LED matrix, micro-controler, H:40 x W:32 x D:2cm On March 11th 2011, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami occurred. The tsunami damaged Fukushima nuclear plants and nuclear radiation was spread around the area as a consequence. Areas within the 20km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have become evacuation zone. LikeContinue reading “Utoxia”

Pop-J.M.W. Turner And Philosophy Of Common Life

6/2015, Graphite on paper, Acrylic, LED, LCD, speaker, micro-controller, H:60 x W:48 x D:7 In this modern society, everything that has been considered as bourgeois is commodity in daily life. The role of painter as a magician of pigment to create an illusional space and another world on the 2D canvas received respects from people.Continue reading “Pop-J.M.W. Turner And Philosophy Of Common Life”

Family Market + Weather Cock

inch Family Market, 2015, wall piece: Graphite and acrylic on paper, wood panel, Plexiglas, electronic motor, LED, H:43 x W: 27 x D: 3.9 inch; floor piece(Weather Cock): 2015, wood, LED, speaker, micro-controller, alum crystal, H:26 x W:14 x D:13 inch With the technology developments and economy advancement, our quality of life has been improved.Continue reading “Family Market + Weather Cock”